Kerala declares a total lockdown on July 17 and 18; find out what is and isn’t permitted.

On Tuesday, 14,539 cases were reported in Kerala, prompting the state government to declare a state of emergency.
However, the lockdown will be in effect for the weekend of July 17 and 18 to prevent large crowds from gathering.

The government also instructed all District Collectors to strictly enforce Covid restrictions such as less gathering, avoid touching, wearing masks, allowing less than 50 members for weddings, adhering to social distance, and establishing micro-containment zones in areas with a high number of Covid infections, as well as new guidelines on shops and establishments.

According to reports, the new guidelines will go into effect on July 17, and no banks or financial institutions will be able to operate. Essentials stores will be permitted if the area has a positive rate of less than 15%. In the previously issued guidelines, this area has been labelled as ‘C.’

Under ‘B,’ shops and establishments will be allowed to open only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 8 p.m. if the positive rate in the area is less than 10%.

Similarly, in areas where the positive rate is less than 5%, shops can operate until 8 p.m. under the ‘A’ category.

Kerala has recorded 30.7 lakh Covid cases and 14,586 deaths since January 2020. Interestingly, when a medical student returned from Wuhan, it was the first state in the country to report a Covid case. After 1.5 years, the person has been confirmed to be positive for Covid-19 once more and is being monitored.

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