Common habits which can ruin your stomach health

Stomach  is one of the important parts of the human body.  It ensures different nutrients are absorbed by the body for your good health.  Millions of good bacteria that aids in digestion and are responsible for strong immunity resides in your stomach. Hectic lifestyle, unhealthy food and drink habits, lack of sleep triggers gut-related health problems . Some habits that could affect the normal functioning of your stomach are:

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Consuming high quantities of sugar

Processed food can be very harmful for your stomach. Food items that are high in sugar harm the healthy bacteria in your stomach. The imbalance caused can lead to excessive sugar cravings which might cause inflammation in the body.

Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep leads to severe problems like fatigue, irritation and acidity. Not maintaining a healthy sleep cycle increases stress which is harmful to your stomach.


Drinking a good amount of water  aids digestion, improves skin as well as balance bowel movements. So have plenty of water throughout the day.

Lack of exercise

Exercising regularly is  good for losing weight, improves heart health , gut health and blood circulation in the body. Any form of physical activity  from playing a sport to regular exercise , yoga, dancing is good for the gut.

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