There are significant distinctions between making love and having sex

Getting physically involved with someone is something that all of us may go through at some point in our lives. However, if you’re unsure if it’s merely casual sex or something more, keep reading. We can determine if we’re making love to someone or having casual sex with them by certain actual signals. The following are six significant distinctions between making love and having sex.

Whether there are feelings involved or not

Some people have had physical connections with persons who aren’t emotionally attached to them. It’s just sex between the two of them for the sake of having a good time. When it comes to making love, you only do it with the person you care about. It’s a technique of communicating with your spouse and expressing your love and concern for them.

One time thing or regular

If you’ve only slept with someone once, it could have been casual sex that both of you agreed to. However, if you are sleeping with someone on a regular basis, there is a potential that you are making love to them. In bed, you understand each otherr’s desires and try to fulfil them selflessly, which can be an indication that you’re in love with each other.

Exclusive or not

If you’re both having sex with different individuals, what you’re doing with each other is merely casual sex. However, if you have been exclusively connected with each other, it indicates that you are both making love to one other and have sentiments in your heart.

More tender or not

It’s merely casual sex if you’re only thinking about physically pleasing yourself and not about the other person. However, if you are also thinking about the other person’s needs and are more compassionate and gentle with them while physically involved, it signifies you are making love to each other.

Letting your guard down

If you’re looking for casual sex, you won’t let your guard down. You won’t feel at ease sharing your most vulnerable side with them. You’re not looking forward to them getting to know the real you. But if you’re making love to someone, you’ll probably be fine with them knowing the true you.

Closer together or not

If you feel emotionally closer to the other person after having sex, it signifies you were making love to each other and can share more than just your bodies with each other. However, if you don’t feel any closer to the other person, it’s likely that you’re only in it for casual sex.

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