There is no evidence of a significant increase in Covid cases in Kerala, according to a study

New Delhi: As the fear of Covid-19 pervades Kerala, a new study by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has ruled out the possibility of a new variant in the state.

According to a CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology study, the spread in Kerala is caused by the Delta variant, which is also seen in other parts of the country.
The Delta variant was found in 753 of the 835 samples collected from 14 districts in Kerala (B 1.617.2). The rest are pre-existing variations.

New variants are discovered in Peru, Chile (C 37), and the United States (AY 3). Scientists are unsure whether these are more dangerous than the Delta variant.

The CSIR collaborated with medical colleges, Regional Public Health Laboratories, and other major institutes and surveillance teams throughout the state. According to Dr. Vinod Scaria, a member of the research team, Kerala was the first in the country to conduct such an analysis.

Randeep Guleria, Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, previously stated that a new variant may be to blame for the outbreak in the state.

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