Lucknow girl claims she has been harassed for two years: who repeatedly slapped cabbie

A video of a little girl repeatedly striking a cab driver at a busy crossroad in Lucknow recently went viral. The drama was amplified by the cab driver’s lack of retaliation and the presence of a traffic cop nearby.

Then another video surfaced, showing the same female snatching another man’s clothing. Soon after, social media began calling for her imprisonment for her heartless behavior.

In a conversation with a media Salaam journalist, she now claims that she had been harassed for two years prior to the incident. She claimed she had been beaten and exhibited marks on her leg and hand.

She claimed she was terrified of an accident when she spotted a vehicle approaching with modified lights. She claimed the vehicle had run a red light and was speeding.

She also stated that a group of individuals had attacked her and beaten her up. When pressed for details, she remained vague, claiming that at least 300 individuals had dragged and beaten her.

She also claimed that she had been harassed by a group of eve-teasers for two years, especially when she went for a walk, and that she has been suffering from several maladies.

The cab driver was booked and arrested by the Lucknow Police after the incident on July 31 became public. The teenager was later arrested as a result of the social media controversy. According to the cab driver’s complaint, the woman slapped her without cause in broad daylight and damaged his phone. He further claims that his car was robbed of Rs 600.

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