Ambili Devi has been barred from posting personal information about Adhityan on social media by the court

Ambili Devi, a television actress, was told on Monday not to post anything about her personal life with Adhityan Jayan on social media.

The order was issued by the Thrissur Family Court in response to Adithyan’s complaint about Ambili Devi’s attempt to defame him.

He has also sought Rs 10 crore in compensation for his expulsion from the Malayalam television actors’ association as a result of Devi’s complaint.

Ambili Devi had filed a police complaint alleging that he had misappropriated her gold ornaments worth about 100 sovereigns and the Rs 10 lakh in her account, as well as subjected her to severe mental and physical harassment.

She claimed he used to abuse her and threaten her with dire consequences in exchange for money. They married in January of this year and have a son born in November of the same year.

Both of them were married for the second time, and Devi had a son from her first marriage.

Adhityan also claimed that Ambili had pledged the bank’s 100 sovereigns in gold. He also provided documentation to back up his claim.

The bank manager has been ordered by the court to keep the gold in safe custody until the case is resolved.

Meanwhile, Adhityan claimed he was falsely implicated in the case after objecting to her relationship with another man. Adhityan’s lawyer, Vimala Binu, also provided video and audio evidence.

Kerala High Court imposed conditions

Adhityan had previously been granted anticipatory bail by the Kerala High Court. The court also stipulated that he would appear before the investigating officer as and when required, that he would cooperate with the investigation and trial in the case, that he would not directly or indirectly threaten or induce any witness in the case, that he would not tamper with the evidence, and that he would not visit his estranged wife’s residence.

The court also ordered him not to interfere with the work of his wife, Ambili Devi, who is also an actor and runs a dance school, and not to give any interviews or make any derogatory remarks about his marital life on any channel or social media.

In addition, the wife was told not to give any interviews about her marital life.

Ambili Devi testified in court that Adithyan subjected her to severe mental and physical cruelty and threatened her with dire consequences. She also told the court that he once came to her parental home and threatened her and her parents, but backed down after neighbours intervened. “Prima facie, it appears that he raised death threats to intimidate her,” the court said after hearing both sides.

It was directed not only at her, but also at her parents.” “The gravity of the alleged offence must be assessed in light of the allegation that he harassed her for dowry after misappropriating her money.” The court, on the other hand, stated that the evidence presented to it was insufficient to conclude that his detention interrogation was absolutely necessary.

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