Pentagon: US soldiers kill two armed men at Kabul airport

Washington: US soldiers killed two armed men at Kabul’s airport on Monday, a defence official said, after a top Pentagon general met with the Taliban in Doha to urge them not to attack as thousands fled Afghanistan.
“Among the thousands of people who had gathered peacefully, two men brandished weapons menacingly. They were both murdered “According to the official, who requested anonymity,

According to the official, the head of US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, told Taliban officials in a face-to-face meeting in Doha on Sunday not to attack the airport.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of American troops took control of security at Afghanistan’s main international airport outside Kabul, allowing US officials to be evacuated.

Meanwhile, Afghans flocked to the airport and spilled onto the tarmac, hoping to board commercial flights out of the country.

Hundreds of people were seen on video attempting to obstruct the takeoff of a US military transport, and there were reports that several people were killed, either by being crushed or falling from the plane after it took off.

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