Nimisha Fathima and other Keralites are among the 5,000 prisoners released by the Taliban

According to reports, the Taliban released over 5,000 prisoners in Kabul’s Badam Bagh and Pul-e-Charkhi jails after seizing control of the country. The majority of the detainees are members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

According to intelligence reports, among the released prisoners were eight Keralites who had fled to Afghanistan to join IS. Nimisha Fathima was also among those who had been released. During a fight, Afghan forces apprehended and imprisoned these prisoners. According to reports, up to 21 Indians went to Afghanistan in a similar manner. According to intelligence reports, these detainees could return to India via any other country. Taking this into consideration, strict security measures have been imposed in ports and along borders.

Nimisha and her husband Bexin left India in 2016 to join IS. Bexin was later killed in an attack and imprisoned by the army. Though the Afghan government was willing to return the Indians, including Nimisha, the Indian government decided not to do so due to national security concerns. Nimisha’s mother Bindu filed a petition in Kerala High Court to direct the central and state governments to take action to bring Nimisha and her daughter Ummukulsu back. She also requested that the child’s guardianship be transferred to Bindu.

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