Here is all you need to know about Twitter’s new privacy policies

Twitter, the social networking platform, recently displayed a popup requesting users to endorse the microblogging platform’s new privacy policy. The update, which is expected to go live on August 19, clarifies several of Twitter’s new offers as well as the data it collects from users.
In recent months, the corporation has been involved in a number of privacy-related lawsuits in India. Twitter confirms the changes to its privacy policies, particularly those relating to Twitter Blue, Twitter Spaces, and payment services, in a blog post.

Twitter Spaces, a social audio product, is one of the new features. The privacy policy, according to the blog post, has more information regarding the ramifications of participating in or hosting a Space for your data. The business would analyze data from Spaces to provide audio transcriptions, check for any violations of the Twitter Rules, and improve the feature’s performance.
Twitter Spaces is a social audio platform that allows users to build or join a virtual live audio environment.

Furthermore, the update provides greater details on how autoplay video settings function and what data is shared with partners and third parties.
Twitter also stated that it collaborates with third-party partners to display video content on its platform in order to improve user experience.
Customers can change their autoplay settings if they do not want this content to play automatically, according to the corporate update. Assume a user exchanges information with someone else who uses a third-party service to access Twitter, such as Direct Messages or protected Tweets. In that instance, the data could be shared with the third-party provider.

It is also providing more information about the data it collects for its subscription service, Twitter Blue, which is now accessible in Canada and Australia. It is Twitter’s first premium membership program aimed at its most devoted and engaged users. Subscribers pay a monthly subscription to gain access to premium services and knowledgeable customer assistance.
Users’ payment information, such as credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, CVV codes, and billing addresses, is collected by the company. The corporation may be notified when money is provided using Twitter tools or services to purchase advertising or other offerings.

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