Six suspects have been identified by a Pakistani female YouTuber who was thrown in the air and molested by a mob

On the eve of the country’s Independence Day, a female YouTuber was thrown in the air and assaulted by a mob in a Lahore park, which was a source of national shame for Pakistan. After the video of the incident went viral on social media, the police were called in and many people were arrested. 155 suspects have now been released from custody after the victim failed to recognize them during an identification parade.

The incident, which sparked national outrage and international condemnation, occurred on August 14 in Lahore, while hundreds of young people were celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day at Azadi Chowk near Minar-i-Pakistan.

Hundreds of young men can be seen in viral videos circulated on social media throwing the girl in the air for fun, dragging her, tearing her clothes, and molesting her. Politicians from all parties, as well as members of civil society, have all strongly condemned what has been dubbed “sexual terrorism.” Lahore Police had filed a case against 400 unidentified men for assaulting the girl and her companions, and 161 people were later arrested in the case.

“During the last few days, an identification parade of 161 arrested suspects was held at Camp Jail Lahore under the supervision of a judicial magistrate. After the girl and her team members (could) identify only six suspects, the police informed the magistrate that the 155 suspects were no longer needed in this case, and they were released from jail “On Tuesday, a Punjab government official told PTI

According to him, the six suspects identified by the girl have been placed in judicial custody until September 9.

Some of the suspects claimed in court that the girl invited them to the Minar-i-Pakistan to film videos and that she was responsible for what happened to her.

In the case, police had geofenced 28,000 people and had a shortlist of 350 suspects. A geo-fence is a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS (Global Positioning System) or RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that allows software to respond when a mobile device enters or exits a specific area.


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