Food items you should eat with milk

Milk is something that most of all drink since we were a kid.  Drinking milk can be good and bad for you depending on when and with what food you are eating it with. Milk with dark chocolate  will give you instant bout of energy. But there are some food items that you should never eat with milk.


Peanuts contains polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) so having it with milk may cause an insulin reaction as PUFAs will block the body from using sugar, and it will go into the blood resulting in high blood sugar.

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Citrus fruit

They contains citric acid  causing curdling of the milk in the stomach and increase the risk of indigestion and acidity.


As per Ayurveda eating fish along with milk makes an imbalance in chemicals in our body and  affects the digestive system. So especially people with weak immune systems should avoid this combination.

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