4 Signs He Misses You A Lot

Men have a difficult time expressing their emotions and feelings. They are shy, reserved, and rarely speak up. They keep a straight face when it comes to love and are definitely not the best communicators! So the only way to find out what’s on their mind is to pay attention to their facial expressions and body language.

When they miss you, they will text you constantly and give you subtle hints through their gestures and body language. So keep an eye out for these four telltale signs that a guy is missing you.

1. He is a skeptic.

If he is missing you, he will be curious about your life. To form a bond and ensure that he knows everything about you, he will tell you about his life and ask you questions about yours.

2.He tries to keep the conversation going.

It is very easy to let a conversation die after a certain point. However, if he makes an effort to keep the conversation going, he is most likely missing you.

3. He is always delighted to see you.

When you text each other, he always mentions how much he can’t wait to see you! He makes future plans with you and is always ready to meet you, no matter how busy he is.

4. He responds quickly.

When you text him, he usually responds within minutes. This is a dead giveaway that he is missing you and can’t get enough of you.

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