Three things to consider if you live alone

Midnight cramps leave you scrambling for pain relievers, hot water bags, and other necessities. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. As a result, either look for a 24-hour pharmacy online or if that isn’t an option, rely on home remedies until the next morning. This could result in the longest night of your life.

Anyone who lives alone is vulnerable to such a situation. While living alone has its advantages, there is also a disadvantage. You’re on your own in both good and bad times of your life.

While some may argue that we can just call a friend and ask for help instead of struggling alone, others will agree that this is not always an option. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of three things to keep in mind if you live alone.

Keep a ready-to-use first aid box at your bedside

While this may sound terrifying to those who don’t want to be around medicine all the time, it is a wise decision. Nobody knows what kind of pain you might experience at midnight, or when you might require a bandage for those nasty and painful kitchen cuts. As a result, it is recommended that you always keep a first aid box near your bed that is also easily accessible, with some analgesics, paracetamols, ointments, bandages, and band-aids and other tablets that you think you may require, such as specific allergy medications.

Keep an emergency contact list ready

This may include the contact information for friends and family members who live nearby and are always willing to help. Other people’s contacts, such as your society’s security guard, the maintenance office’s phone number, and a trusted neighbor, should also be kept on hand in case of an emergency. While this may seem excessive to some of you, remember that prevention is preferable to cure. It’s worth noting. Not only should you save these in your precious mobile phones, but you should also keep a hard copy of them with you. You may wonder why. Because phone robbery is at an all-time high.

Stock up on essentials and grocery

You may respond that we have apps that deliver things at the touch of a button, and you are correct. But what’s the harm in being on the safe side? Instead of completely relying on technology, it’s okay to go old school and keep a small stock of groceries and other essential items on hand. This will relieve you of the unnecessary stress of ordering online and paying the extra money for superfast premium delivery. Besides, you can always eat or drink whatever you want without having to wait, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

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