Women can’t eat pizza on TV, and men aren’t allowed to serve tea to ladies: Iran’s censorship rules baffle citizens

New Delhi: In an unusual move, Iran has prohibited television producers from depicting women eating pizza on-screen or men serving tea to women in workplaces.

According to an IranWire report, women are not permitted to be photographed with red-colored beverages, sandwiches, or pizza. Women on television are also not permitted to be depicted wearing leather gloves under the new censorship guidelines.

Furthermore, images of men and women in domestic settings will be subjected to a special review by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) directors before being aired. According to IranWire, Amir Hossein Shamshadi, IRIB’s chief of public relations, these new guidelines were imposed following a recent “audit” of the organization.

Some Iranian streaming sites will self-censor in order to avoid repercussions from Tehran’s authorities.

These censorship rules were seen in action in September when the Iranian talk show Pishgoo avoided showing actress Elnaz Habibi’s face on camera. During the show, only her voice could be heard, which irritated many viewers, including veteran actor Amin Tarokh, who took to Instagram to express his displeasure.

“At the very least, I wish the guest’s name had been subtitled. We’d have no idea which artist was being discussed if the host hadn’t mentioned it [at the start] because we didn’t see her face! What pleasure is there in getting a close-up look at the show’s creators and a far-away look at the guest simply because they’re female? Especially with a lady like this who is very nice. The IRIB only provides a voice and no visuals “said the actor.

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