The court will rule on the quantum of punishment in the Uthra murder case today

On Wednesday, the additional session court in Kollam will decide the punishment for Suraj’s murder of his wife Uthra with a cobra.

On Monday, the court found him guilty of charges under sections 302, 307, 328, and 201 of the IPC.

The prosecution has sought the death penalty for Suraj, claiming that the crime was brutal and one of the rarest of the rare.

The case that shook Kerala and sparked a debate about crime against women has reached a critical juncture.

According to reports, this is the first case in Kerala in which the accused tamed a snake in order to kill a person.

Uthra was discovered dead from a snakebite at her Anchal home on May 7, 2020. Suraj, who married Uthra for financial gain, allegedly murdered her in a planned murder. Suraj was arrested on the 82nd day, and the charge sheet was filed on the 82nd day.

At the State Training Institute of the Forest Department, the police conducted an experiment with a dummy of Uthra to collect evidence of snakebite. The police team provided the court with video footage of the experiment as well as documents. The experiment’s goal was to scientifically prove that Suraj held the snake’s head to induce a bite because there was a chance she would escape the snake’s natural bite.

Notably, the distance between the fangs (long sharp teeth that secrete venom) in a natural bite is 1.7 cm. The distance between the fangs may be 2.5 cm if the bite is induced by holding the snake’s head. Meanwhile, the bites on Uthara’s body were 2.5 cm and 2.8 cm deep, respectively. The accused inflicted a bite on the victim, according to the dummy experiment.

Similarly, the snake’s autopsy report revealed that it had not been fed for at least seven days. The snake was kept in a plastic jar, according to the report.

The prosecution has argued that Suraj failed to disclose what happened to Uthra, despite the fact that he was in the room when the snake bit her, which was crucial. Similarly, experts state that a cobra is very unlikely to enter the room through the window and that all other possibilities can be ruled out.

Suraj’s parents initially claimed that their son was innocent. However, when he was arrested, they stated that if he was guilty, he should be punished. Later, it was revealed that Suraj’s parents and sisters were also involved in the crime and were aware of it.

Suraj buried Uthra’s gold on the compound after her death, raising suspicions about the family. Suraj’s parents and sister have been charged with domestic violence in connection with the murder.

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