4 Ways to Subtly Express Your Love for Someone

There are many times in life when we meet people we like and who have a special appeal to us. We are attracted to them but are unable to express our feelings to them directly. Subtle hints from your body language can help in these situations. This is especially useful for those who are too shy to express themselves openly.

So we’ve provided you with some simple methods for hinting to a specific person of your liking for them without openly expressing your feelings.

Compliment them often

Everyone enjoys receiving compliments. It makes them feel valued, appreciated, and noticed. So, if you want to express your rage subtly to someone, the simplest way is to compliment them every now and then.

Show interest in their passion

There must be something they are passionate about, whether it is football, dance, singing, or something else. Show your interest in their passions and hobbies, and they will definitely get a hint of your liking for them.

Initiate a conversation with them

Initiating a conversation with someone is a great way to express your liking for them. This will let them know that you are interested in speaking with them or that you were thinking of them when you sent them the message.

Maintain eye contact

If you’re an introvert who’s too shy to strike up a conversation or lavish them with compliments, you can always maintain eye contact with them. Prolonged eye contact is an excellent way to express your interest in someone and convey your feelings for them.

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