Food Items To Manage Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a normal when  we have an interview, first day at school or participating in some competition. In today’s world these stressful scenarios are appearing more often and it starts affecting our health. It can lead to some serious problems. So as soon as possible make the best use of this and choose the right foods that can help calm your nerves.

Eat Carbs

Complex carbs from whole grains gives you prolonged energy .Carbs  boosts serotonin in the brain, which is also known as the happy hormone. So have a diet which contains oats, whole wheat, quinoa, barley or other whole grains to keep you energised and happy.

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Zinc-Rich Foods

Zinc helps our body deal with stress. Zinc is important a healthy nervous system and a healthy vagus nerve that connects the brain to the rest of our body. When our nerves are calm and healthy we’ll also be calm.

Chocolate And Coffee

Dark chocolates have high cocoa flavonoids which helps to boost blood flow to the brain and heart, which reduces anxiety. Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and coffee as a drink helps energise the body and picks up the mood but excess can cause anxiety and depression.


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