Benefits of banana peels you don’t know

Banana is very good for the health of all of us know that. But  everyone throw away their peels without knowing its  benefits . Banana peel has tremendous health benefits so next don’t throw it away.


Vitamin A for immunity is largely found in banana peels. It is important to eat everything related to boosting immunity during the corona period. Banana peels can be good for you.

White teeth 

Use banana peels to clean teeth. Rub a banana peel for whitening whenever the teeth turn yellow.

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Control BP

People with high BP should eat banana peel. In fact, potassium will help in controlling high BP.

Good for bones

Bananas  peels are rich in calcium needed for bones. In this case, eating it eradicates bone problems.

Good for skin 

Rub banana peel if you have pimples or acne marks  on the skin.

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