The third Covid-19 wave has hit India, with Omicron accounting for more than half of all new cases: NTAGI chief N K Arora

New Delhi: According to Dr. N K Arora, chairman of the NTAGI’s COVID-19 working group, India is experiencing the third Covid-19 wave, with the new Omicron variant accounting for more than half of new cases. According to Dr. Arora, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is responsible for more than half of all new cases of infection in major Indian cities.

This massive increase in the number of cases in the last week is indicative of a third wave of the pandemic, which is being observed in several other countries, according to Dr N K Arora.

While noting that Omicron has been detected in the majority of the country’s states, Arora stated, “The galloping increase in the number of Covid cases over the last one week is indicative of the third wave, as is being seen in several other countries around the world.” He did, however, emphasize that there is no need to panic.

According to Arora, more than 80% of people in the country have been naturally infected with the virus, more than 90% of adults have received at least one dose of an anti-Covid vaccine, and more than 65% are fully vaccinated.

“Looking at the behavior of the Omicron wave in South Africa, where it rapidly increased, the number of cases began to decline in two weeks, and the majority of the cases were either asymptomatic or had a mild illness, as well as the decoupling of the total number of Covid cases from those requiring hospitalization. All of these factors suggest that the Omicron wave in South Africa may be coming to an end soon “He stated.

South Africa and India share some epidemiological characteristics. Natural infection rates are high in both countries, according to Arora, who adds that immunization rates in India are several times higher.

“In light of this, we may see a somewhat similar pattern in India in terms of the third wave,” he said. “Looking at the behavior of the Covid infection in India in the last seven to ten days, I feel that we may be in for a third wave peak very soon,” he said. Arora, on the other hand, claims that there is no need to panic.

“Those who have not yet received the vaccine or who are only partially immunized should get the vaccine to protect themselves from severe disease and hospitalization.” “One should also strictly adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior,” he added.


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