Daily habits which can cause pimples

Pimples cannot be hidden. Several layers of high coverage foundation might might help but it is an unsolved mystery for you, there are chances that you are a victim of bad skin habits. There are many daily habits that can cause breakouts  so make sure to peek in your daily routine and see how many of these habits you have.


Many are obsessed with exfoliation but if we overdo skin may get damaged and can result in pimples. So, if you over-exfoliate your skin, it’s important to drop this habit as soon as possible.

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Sleeping with make-up 

Sometimes we will be too tired to remove our make-up. However, it’s the worst thing to do. Make-up products has several chemicals that may irritate our skin if left on them for longer periods of time. So always wash and moisturise your face at all costs before going to bed.

Not cleaning your skin 

It is important that you keep your skin clean and oil-free at times. Because the excess oil  and dirt can clog your pores and may result in pimples.

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