How wearing heels damage to your legs and hips?

Heels are one of the great style statements for women. However, it might be causing damage to your legs and hips.

1. Cause lower back pain: When you wear those high stilettos, they don’t support your feet properly which eventually leads to all the problems. Wearing such high heels all the time can lead cause pain, soreness and even lead to pain in the lower back.
2. Foot pain: Those fashionable high heels can cause pain in the foot. They are also not very comfortable to wear and they can lead to severe pain in the foot. Therefore, it is best that you avoid wearing them every day.
3. Nerve damage: Wearing high heels can lead to nerve damage which can eventually cause severe pain in the legs. Continuous wearing of heels can result in numbness, tingling and cramps.
4. Sore calves: When you wear such high heels, it tends to affect your calves as well. The pressure on your legs can eventually affect your calves which causes soreness.

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