M V Govindan Asserts Chandy Oommen’s Dependence on BJP Votes in Puthuppally Bypoll

In relation to the Puthuppally by-election, M V Govindan, the CPM state secretary, has expressed a view that Chandy Oommen, the UDF candidate, would not secure victory unless he garnered support from BJP voters. Govindan raised suspicions about whether the UDF had acquired BJP votes in Puthuppally, and he asserted that the outcome would only become clear after the vote count. Govindan emphasized that Chandy Oommen’s prospects for success hinged on the UDF’s alleged acquisition of BJP votes.

He cited grassroots-level data and the presence of approximately 19,000 BJP votes in the region. Govindan stated that the certainty regarding this matter would only emerge during the vote tally. He reiterated that Chandy Oommen’s victory would be contingent on the UDF’s presumed acquisition of BJP votes, and regardless of the victor, the margin of victory would be quite narrow.

Govindan also responded to Chennithala’s statement, where Chennithala suggested that the Puthuppally election result would significantly impact the LDF government in Kerala. Govindan argued that the election outcome would serve as evidence of the people’s trust in the government. He emphasized that making premature claims was futile and reiterated their earlier stance of not making grand assertions. He maintained that their confidence in a potential victory stemmed from extensive organizational and political efforts.

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