New Uniforms Featuring Lotus Print and Khaki Pants for Employees in the New Parliament Building

As preparations are underway for the relocation to the new Parliament building next week, reports indicate that significant changes are in store for the uniforms of Parliament staff, including security personnel in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. High-level sources have disclosed that the upcoming uniforms will incorporate a distinctly Indian flair.

The traditional Bandhgala suits, previously worn by secretariat staff, will be replaced with shirts featuring a lotus flower pattern. These shirts will be paired with khaki-colored loose pants and complemented by Nehru jackets. Female employees, on the other hand, will don specially designed sarees as part of their uniform. Additionally, the uniforms for marshals in both houses will include Manipuri turbans and Kannada turbans.

Security personnel stationed at the Parliament will undergo commando training, and their attire will shift from safari suits to uniforms resembling those of the military.

Furthermore, a notable change will be the incorporation of the lotus emblem onto the carpet of the Rajya Sabha. While the lotus holds significance as the national flower, its use as a symbol may spark political discussions, given its association with the BJP.

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