Cochin Airport Customs Seize Nearly Rs 1 Crore Worth of Gold in Compound Form

At Cochin International Airport, the Airport Intelligence Unit (AIU) has intercepted two passengers in separate incidents and confiscated gold of foreign origin in a compound state, with a total value of nearly Rs 1 crore, as per officials’ reports on Wednesday.

In the first incident, the Customs AIU intercepted a passenger who had arrived from Kuala Lumpur to Kochi. Officials discovered four cylindrical-shaped capsules concealed in the passenger’s rectum, containing gold in a compound form, with a total weight of 1091 grams. The seized gold was assessed to be valued at Rs 48 lakhs.

In the second incident, Customs officials intercepted another passenger who had concealed three cylindrical-shaped capsules, also containing foreign-origin gold in a compound form, in his rectum. This gold weighed approximately 1066.43 grams and had an estimated worth of Rs 50 lakhs.

Customs authorities have reported that cases have been registered under the relevant sections, and further investigations are currently underway regarding these incidents of gold smuggling.

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