Kerala Electricity Tariff Unchanged Until October 31

The Kerala Electricity Regulatory Commission has made a significant announcement, confirming that the existing electricity tariff rates will remain unchanged until October 31. This decision comes after widespread anticipation regarding potential changes in electricity charges. Earlier reports had suggested the commission’s contemplation of a possible increase of up to Rs 41 paise per unit, with the revised tariff initially slated to take effect from September 30. The state’s power scenario had been a cause for concern due to insufficient rainfall affecting power generation. In response, the Kerala State Electricity Board had proposed a tariff hike of Rs 1.05 per unit over a span of four years, with a corresponding 50 paise per unit increase for industrial consumers. Additionally, there were considerations of implementing load shedding as a measure to manage the state’s power consumption effectively.

The commission’s decision to maintain the current tariff rates until the end of October provides temporary relief to consumers who were bracing for a potential increase in electricity costs. It also reflects the authorities’ efforts to balance the energy demand with available resources during a challenging period marked by weather-related constraints on power generation. The situation underscores the delicate balance between consumer affordability and ensuring the sustainability of the state’s power infrastructure.

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