Enhanced Train Services Roll Out in Kerala: Commuters to Benefit

Starting today, Kerala witnesses a significant upgrade in its train services aimed at enhancing passenger comfort. These changes involve route extensions, increased speeds, and additional stops, all designed to provide a better commuting experience for the passengers.

Enhancements in Train Routes: The Thiruvananthapuram-Madhura Amrita Express will now operate up to Rameswaram, expanding its reach and convenience for travelers. Additionally, the Guruvayoor Punalur Express has been extended to Madurai, offering an extended route for commuters. Furthermore, the Tirunelveli-Palakkad Palaruvi Express is now operational up to Thoothukudi, creating more travel options for passengers.

Speed Enhancements and Additional Stops: The Southern Railway, covering divisions like Thiruvananthapuram and Palakkad, has increased the speed of 34 trains, ensuring swifter and more efficient travel. Additionally, 199 trains have been allocated extra stops, making the network more accessible for commuters across the state.

These enhancements mark a positive step towards improving the overall train services in Kerala, promising a seamless and efficient journey for travelers.

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