9-Year-Old Abhinav Cultivates Success in Oyster Mushroom Farming, Earns 80,000 Rupees Monthly

At just 19 years old, Abhinav, a second-year economics student at St. Albert’s College, has become a successful entrepreneur in the field of oyster mushroom farming. Learning the trade to assist his mother, he now owns the ‘Abhinav Mushrooms’ brand, earning a monthly income of up to 80,000 rupees. His venture, which started as a way to help his mother, has rapidly grown into a thriving business.

Abhinav’s journey into mushroom farming began when his mother, Rosy Joseph, a retired teacher, started experimenting with mushroom cultivation after watching YouTube videos. Abhinav joined her, quickly developing a passion for the endeavor. Leveraging online resources, he honed his skills by becoming a member of a mushroom growers WhatsApp group. Four months ago, he transformed three rooms on the third floor of his house into a mushroom farm, where he cultivates oyster mushrooms.

His meticulous approach to farming involves creating a controlled environment with specific temperature and humidity levels. Abhinav and his mother are the only ones allowed inside the cultivation rooms, wearing gloves and maintaining strict hygiene protocols. The oyster mushrooms are grown in plastic covers, yielding an impressive 5-6 kg per day. Each bag of mushrooms remains productive for up to four months, contributing to the consistent supply.

Abhinav’s dedication and the high-quality produce have caught the attention of prominent retailers like Reliance and B COOK 360. These companies are currently in discussions with him for wholesale agreements. Additionally, ‘Abhinav Mushrooms’ has received registration from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, validating the superior quality of their produce.

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