A Simple Trick to Keep Lemons Fresh for a Month

Lemonade is a favourite drink for many, and for some, it’s a morning ritual to start the day with water mixed with lemon juice, known for its potential weight loss benefits. While lemons are abundant in the summer, the rest of the year sees fluctuations in their availability and prices. Many people tend to stock up on lemons when they are reasonably priced. However, the challenge arises when these fruits start to desiccate or show signs of rot after a few days.

Even the common practice of storing lemons in the refrigerator doesn’t always guarantee long-lasting freshness. Over time, the fruit may lose its natural aroma, and the once-vibrant skin may take on an unappealing brownish color. In response to this common issue, an Instagram page titled “Health Coach Guna” has shared a valuable tip for preserving lemons for up to a month.

According to the tip, the key to prolonged freshness lies in submerging lemons in water within a sealed container before refrigerating them. This method is claimed to help lemons retain their freshness significantly longer, making it a practical solution for those looking to extend the shelf life of their lemons.

The Instagram video post has garnered positive responses, with viewers expressing gratitude for the valuable tip and expressing their intent to try it out themselves. For those dealing with half-cut lemons, the tip suggests wrapping the exposed part with plastic paper and transferring it to an airtight container or zip lock bag, promising to preserve the lemon’s freshness for three to four days. With this straightforward yet effective technique, you can enjoy fresh lemons for an extended period, making it a handy trick for those who like to have this versatile citrus fruit on hand in the kitchen.

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