Instagram Rolls Out Customisable Feed Post Audiences and Enhanced Reels Editing Tools

Instagram has introduced new features, allowing users to have more control over their feed posts. Users can now customize their audience by choosing specific profiles before sharing a post to their feed. This feature expands on the Close Friends feature, enabling users to share posts and reels with a selected list of profiles rather than the broader follower audience.

The Close Friends feature, initially designed for stories, has been enhanced to include feed posts and reels. Users can now create a Close Friends list and select this audience before sharing a post. The posts shared with this customized audience will be visible only to the people on the list, offering a more private sharing option.

This update comes after Instagram’s testing phase, during which the platform experimented with features that allow users to have more granular control over the audience for their posts. The green star icon, similar to the Close Friends stories, indicates posts shared with this custom audience.

In addition to the audience customization, Instagram has also introduced new editing tools for Reels, enhancing the creative options available to users. These tools aim to provide a more engaging and dynamic experience for those creating and consuming Reels content on the platform.

Furthermore, users can continue to engage with these customized posts through private responses, creating a more personalized and intimate interaction within the Close Friends circle. This update aligns with Instagram’s efforts to offer users more control over their content-sharing experience and foster meaningful connections among smaller, curated groups.

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