Uyare : An inspiring film with a message dealing with a contemporary issue

Uyare has hit the screens on April 26. Since then the movie audience of Kerala is driven with a wibe that theĀ  film has spread. To review Uyare is like reviewing a tale of motivation. It is something beyond yet something close.

The associate director of Rajesh Pillai, Manu Ashokan has made his directorial debut a totally memorable flick. It was beautifully captured by Mukesh Muralidharan as the icing on the cake.


Uyare showcases the life of Pallavi Ravindran. An aspiring young lady . She has started dreaming about being a pilot from her childhood itself. Her thoughts, her activities and her lifestyle were all taking her close to her dream of becoming a pilot. She loved it because she always wanted to be on top. Her dreams got intensified after her first flight. She got to know more. She began to explore more.

Besides Pallavi, Uyare shows the life of Govind, an extremely possessive boyfriend. A very reserved guy with too much of negativity. There is Ravindran on the other hand as a very supporting father. A man who is ready to do everything for the happiness of his children, for the happiness of his daughter.

There is another most important character, Vishal Rajashekharan. A quiet unpredictable and fun loving character.


Actress Parvathy has really given life to the character of Pallavi. Really commentable performance. As always Siddique always displays a next level of performance. Tovino Thomas was exceptionally well as Vishal. It was a delight watch the progress of his stint in a very serious film.

When the technical side is analysed, everything was good. But the emphasize should be given to the department of makeup. It was splendid. It was natural. It was of everything the film needed or demanded for. Nothing more, nothing less.

So Uyare is an inspiring motivational film. The film has conveyed a very contemporary issue in the most acceptable manner.



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