Sixth Formula 1 world championship victory for Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton claimed his sixth Formula 1 world championship title as he finished the United States Grand Prix in second place, behind teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The Mercedes drivers were in a title fight at the start of the US GP, and Hamilton would have to finish ninth or below to keep the title fight alive in the next round. However, a strong start from Hamilton coupled with a one-stop strategy put him in the top contention for the race win.

But Bottas caught up in the final stages to take the win at the Circuit of the Americas. Coming in third was Max Verstappen in what was a dramatic race for the Red Bull driver.

Bottas qualified on pole position ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen, while Ferrari rookie Charles Leclerc started fourth ahead of Hamilton. The world champion had a good start and was able to pass both the Ferraris on the opening lap, slotting right behind Verstappen in third place.

Hamilton then started building pressure on the Red Bull driver who had picked up minor front wing damage on the first corner after light contact with Vettel. Verstappen though was finding it hard to keep pace with Bottas and the latter had built a sizeable lead by Lap 13. That’s when Max decided to pit, warranting a two-stop strategy with Bottas followed suit on the next lap.

Hamilton continued on the original tyres until Lap 24 and allowed him to take the lead when Bottas and Verstappen decided to pit for the second time, only for the leaders to converge in the final laps.

Bottas rejoined the race in second place and found himself within Hamilton’s reach on the 54th lap of 60. Within DRS range, the Mercedes driver found space to pass Hamilton when he ran wide into the hairpin, allowing Valtteri a better run onto the back straight.

Congrats Hamilton on your victory.


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