‘Youth Offer’ by Vodafone for prepaid subscribers of the age group between 18-24

Vodafone has now brought some special offers to its prepaid subscribers . Vodafone has introduced the “Youth Offer on Amazon Prime”, which grants prepaid users a 50 percent discount on Amazon Prime subscription for 12 months.

There is a condition with the latest offer. It is valid only for prepaid subscribers in the age group of 18-24 years. The discount on Amazon Prime subscription fee is valid for existing as well as new Vodafone prepaid subscribers.

The benefits of Vodafone’s “Youth Offer on Amazon Prime” offer will be available only through MyVodafone app So to make use of that the app should be downloaded, and users should register their number, and then tap on the relevant banner detailing the offer.

A year’s worth of Amazon Prime subscription costs Rs. 999, but thanks to Vodafone’s offer, eligible prepaid subscribers will only have to pay half the amount i.e., Rs. 499 for a year-long Amazon Prime subscription.

As mentioned above, the offer is only available for Vodafone prepaid subscribers aged between 18 and 24 years. Both existing and new Vodafone prepaid customers can take advantage of the offer and get a year of Amazon Prime membership at half the subscription cost. Once users have paid the Rs. 499 subscription price, they will have to sign up or log in to their Amazon account to activate the Amazon Prime membership.

The Amazon Prime membership offers a host of benefits such as exclusive customer privileges while shopping on Amazon like unlimited fast delivery at no additional cost and exclusive deals, alongside access to Prime Video and Prime Music at no additional cost. Vodafone’s “Youth Offer on Amazon Prime” is valid until June 30.

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