New feature in Facebook Messenger to reply to specific messages is yet to be operative

New feature allows Facebook messenger users to reply to specific messages .The feature is similar to the one available on WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook.

The news was revealed in a report by Venture Beat. We weren’t able to see the feature on an Android smartphone, even after updating to the latest version of Facebook Messenger through the Google Play Store.

So this feature might take time to be in operation. Once the feature does roll out, users will be able to long press on a message where they will see a reply icon next to the reaction emojis.

Tapping this will allow users to reply to that specific message, similar to how it’s done on WhatsApp. This will make it easier to reference a specific message you’re replying to, taking away some of the confusion that is typically found in long and detailed conversations on Messenger. The original message will be displayed above, along with the reply below.

Facebook Messenger is cross platform, using your Facebook account and working on smartphones and PCs equally well, which would make this feature a useful addition for fans of the app.

The feature has been on WhatsApp for a while now, it’s really about time that Facebook Messenger gets it. Although WhatsApp is more popular in terms of the sheer number of users, it uses your mobile number and works using your mobile phone.


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