Benefits of flax seeds for the skin and hair

Flax seeds are one of the superfoods that contain high amounts of fibre, omega-3-fatty acids, they bring a whole new level of health to not just your body, but skin and hair as well.
Flax seeds for the skin are incredible for they boost nourishment, making skin look radiant and healthy. When it comes to hair, flax seeds help in making the hair shiny and bringing back the original gloss and thickness.

Brings glow

The high amount of omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds, bring back the lost radiance and natural glow of the skin. Say goodbye to those expensive creams, and go natural with flax seeds!

Lesser known superfoods for better health   

Eradicates wrinkles and lines 
Flax seeds help in ageing gracefully. They help in slowing down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and make sure the skin is smooth and soft for a longer time.

Improves hair quality 
Flax seeds are known to boost hair growth. Vitamin E present in flax seeds gets rid of the free radicals present in the scalp. It also returns the lost lustre back to the hair and reduces hair fall.


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