Monsoon and sex

It is true that there is no specific time to love and be loved, everyone falls in love when nature forgets everything rain pours like cats and dogs.

One can’t stand alone when nature warms each other up with his mate to resist the cold of the rainy season. Many says that it is during the monsoon season that every human mind experiences the intensity of romance.

Tips to have healthy sex life

Health experts says that sex during monsoon can increase intimacy between partners and improve mental health.It will be absolute pleasure to soak in the intense rain of love in the privacy of the room when it rains outside with the accompaniment of thunder. Its not a sin to seek warmth of your partners body to escape the cold outside. Many people says no to their partner due strong smell of sweat in summer But the monsoon season is not like that. Monsoon is the perfect time to explore each other.



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