Zodiac signs who gets agitated easily

There are many people who don’t have the patience to deal with irritating factors. They have a low tolerance and can get easily annoyed. These people get easily angry and frustrated, even by the silly  things. There are some zodiac signs who gets easily agitated, they are;


Taureans are known to be calm and patient, but  they too can sometimes lose temper especially if you keep pushing them or provoking them.

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Geminis  can get agitated at the slightest of inconvenience and will charge at you if you annoy them.


Virgos want things done and want things done very instant. If things don’t go their way, they tend to get irritated and worked up very quickly.


They are passive-aggressive when they are troubled. They might not shout at you but will show their irritation in subtle ways.

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Pisceans are sensitive and tend to get hurt easily. They prefer avoiding confrontation and can control their tongue if needed. They are the quickest to get angry and the quickest to calm down.


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