Essential oils and their health benefits

Essential oils are extracted from plants and these oils provides the scent and flavour of the plants. These oils have aromatic compounds which gives therapeutic effect. Essential oils can be used in an oil diffuser to disperse them in the air to have a pleasant smell . The oils also give a calming and soothing effect in the rooms and the particles get absorbed into our skin which has several benefits. So, here are different types of oils and their health benefits.

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Peppermint oil-  Improves energy and digestion process.

Lavender oil- Relieves stress.

Sandalwood oil- Calms nerves and enhance focus.

Bergamot-  Reduce stress and improves skin conditions like eczema.

Rose oil- Improves mood and relaxes our body.

Chamomile oil- Improves mood and relaxation.

Tea tree oil- Boosts immunity and treats infections.

Jasmine oil- Treats depression and enhance libido.

Lemon oil- Improves digestion, mood and treating headache.

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