Priya Gopi sunder; Wife and girlfriend at the same time Note goes viral

GooiMusic director Gopi Sundar is a very popular person today. He is still giving many hit songs in Malayalam music and Gopi Sundar has now conveyed his presence in other languages apart from Malayalam… But the individual had to face many difficulties and problems in his life.

That’s mainly because he has his first wife and two children in it. He had left them and married singer Abhaya Hiranmayi, his children lived with his wife, they were legally separated, and now composer Gopi Sundar had posted a post on social media wishing his spouse and singer Abhaya Hiranmai a happy birthday…


A beautiful picture of the two of them, along with it, said, “You were only 19 at the time. You’re all for me. There are no words to say, darling. Happy birthday to my sweetheart,” Gopi noted along with the picture.  The star shared a picture of the duo sitting in front of the Taj Mahal…

But now for the first time, gopi’s first wife is on the scene…  She posted a screenshot of the post shared by Gopi and a picture of her standing in front of the Taj Mahal and Gopi’s first wife Priya and their children.

‘I’ve always had the right to go crazy. Even historians invent the era of handicrafts. Materials used in the same period. Priya Gopisundar wrote on her Facebook account that this picture says all this…

Gopi Sundar’s watch and slippers in both photos are the same. This alone is enough to understand that this is a photo taken at the same time. Moreover, Abhaya is 32 in 2021, while Abhaya is 19 years old in the Gopi Sundar post. That’s it.

Many people below this post give Priya words of comfort; just think you’ve escaped, you have two smart children, and found peace on it. At the same time, Abhaya’s picture shared by Gopi Sundar is getting many bad comments and one asked him, hi Gopi, I wondered if you had a wife every month? Gopi Sundar replied, ‘Ask Your Dad’. And many people are coming to wish Abhaya a happy birthday…


But the two are celebrating life without taking the controversy into private. Both of them are active on social media and often share their stories with their fans. The song sung for Manju Warrier in the movie Prathi Poovankozhi was very popular. The music was composed by Gopi Sunder. Abhay has sung to the music of Gopi Sunder in films like Naku Penta Naku Taka, viswasam athalle ellam, Malli Malli, ED Rani, Raju, 2 Countries, James and Alice, Satya and goodalochana.

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