WhatsApp’s rivals Signal and Telegram are reportedly making huge strides

WhatsApp’s rivals Signal and Telegram are reportedly making huge strides. Looking at the figures of the last few months, signal and telegram apps have made 1,200 per cent more advance than WhatsApp.Fearing a new privacy policy on WhatsApp, most started using signal and telegram apps as a second alternative. With this, there are indications that WhatsApp has relaxed the new privacy policy in countries including India. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has come out with some thought-provoking figures.

The number of downloaders of WhatsApp has dropped.  The signal and telegram also survived the public outcry against WhatsApp Signal had also conducted a widespread campaign against WhatsApp. Facebook then banned Signal’s ads.

According to figures released by mobile application analytics company Sensor Tower, there was a huge increase in installing signal and telegram in January. The opponents made the breakthrough with the official announcement that they would also hand over the data of WhatsApp users to Facebook.

In the first four months of 2021, signal downloads increased by 1,192 per cent (YOY) to 64.4 million worldwide. At the same time, the sensor tower figures show that Telegram’s installs have increased by 98 per cent to 161 million. However, in the four months to January-April, the number of people installing WhatsApp globally fell by 43 per cent to 172.3 million.

Signal installs increased by 5,001 per cent to 50.6 million in January. The installs were 992,000 in the same period last year. However, signal installs declined every month after the January increase but the average advance continued. Sensor tower figures show that Signal received 2.8 million downloads globally in April. That’s double the 1.3 million downloads reported in April 2020.

Similar to Signal, telegram downloads increased by 283 per cent from 16.6 million to 63.5 million. However, Telegram’s April download fell by three per cent to 26.2 million. This was 27 million during this period last year.

Data released by the Sensor Tower shows that downloads of Signal and Telegram declined quickly shortly after some growth in January. However, both these apps managed to challenge the popular app WhatsApp in less time.


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