China Chechi Uyir!!! Who is the chinese girl Hunaonao???

Chinese beauty Hunaonao is an internet sensation of the Covid era. Huna’s viral videos, which captured people’s hearts through TikTok, are being posted in large numbers on FB and Insta by people from India. The muscle beauty also has many fan pages. Unlike the usual TikTok videos, Huna does videos on the theme of doing hard work in the house. The twenty-three-year-old from Changsha in China’s Hunan Province works there as a fitness trainer.


Hunan’s videos are viral in China as in India. Huna also has a fan group in Kerala., With comments like ‘China chechi Uyir’, Huna’s troll videos have already come up in Malayalam. Photography excellence and Bollywood songs have a good role to play in popularizing Chinese beauty. Whether it’s a cow herding or lifting a cylinder, any song, including Bajare da Sita and Salman’s Whistle Mar, will match Huna’s videos.

There are almost 30 pages on Instagram in her name. Fans are posting videos of Huna from TikTok elsewhere as FB and Insta are banned in China.

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