Kiran’s brother-in-law will be questioned about Vismaya’s death, and doctors’ statements will be recorded.

The investigation team looking into Vismaya’s death recorded the statements of the doctors who performed the autopsy as well as the Forensic Director. Three doctors from Thiruvananthapuram Medical College who performed the autopsies, as well as Forensic Director Sasikala, gave their statements. The investigation team will question Kirankumar’s brother-in-law and file a petition to extend Kiran’s custody.

Vismaya is said to have died by hanging herself from the bathroom window. Police wanted to know if Vismaya had hanged herself or if the crime was committed by someone else, so they recorded the forensic team’s detailed statement. The investigation team sought answers to various questions concerning the marks seen on Vismaya’s neck, the depth of the mark, the difference between hanging oneself and hanging oneself by others, and other similar issues.

The forensic team investigated the washroom in the house where Vismaya was discovered dead. The forensic team provided information to the investigation team. The investigation team also recorded the statements of Vismaya’s friends and relatives, as well as Kiran’s relatives and friends. Kiran’s phone was investigated scientifically. All of this will be revealed in the coming days. The police are also looking into the specifics of Kiran’s account.

The husband of Kiran’s sister will also be questioned by police in connection with an earlier attack in January, where a compromise was reached and a case was filed. Vismaya’s family has claimed that Kiran’s brother-in-law may have mentally tortured Vismaya and may have played a role in her death.

The vigilance will also launch an investigation into Kiran in connection with a case that occurred while he was stationed at the Aryankavu checkpoint. At the time, a vigilance inspection was conducted. Kiran’s financial dealings will be scrutinised in light of this.

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