Manasa excelled academically; friends who witnessed the shooting were left speechless

Kothamangalam: The authorities at the college where Manasa, who was shot dead by a man the other day, was a student said she was a good student who did well in her exams. Manasa was never involved in any problems in college, according to Bijesh, CEO of Indira Gandhi Dental College.

“Manasa was an intern at the time of the incident and had gone on leave. Her course was scheduled to end in a month. She used to do well in school and was never involved in any problems. She did well in school. By the afternoon, her friends had arrived at the house where they were staying as paying guests. After witnessing the incident, they are all stunned. Their families have returned them to their homes “Bijesh continued.

Manasa’s uncle replied that they had no idea if the accused Rakhil had bothered her in Kothamangalam.

“We all live in the same neighbourhood. Everyone is on good terms. We don’t know if Rakhil went to Kothamangalam to bother her or if she told her parents about it. Rakhil had previously been the subject of a police complaint. We know nothing about Rakhil. His house is 30 kilometres away from ours. Both of them are said to have met through social media “Manasa’s uncle spoke up.


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