OMG! When reprimanded for her academics, a 15-year-old NEET applicant strangles her mother with a Karate belt

Thane: Police said on Tuesday that a 15-year-old girl strangled her mother to death with a karate belt after being chastised for her schoolwork in Navi Mumbai (August 10).

According to them, the girl afterwards tried to pass it off as an accident. On July 30, the tragedy occurred at their residence in the Airoli district of Navi Mumbai municipality. The girl’s parents wanted her to be a doctor and enrolled her in NEET (National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test) classes.

However, the daughter did not want to follow a medical degree, and as a result, she and her 40-year-old mother had regular squabbles, according to a Rabale police station officer. On July 27, the girl’s father chastised her for playing with her cellphone, so she left the house and went to her uncle’s house nearby.

According to the official, her mother went there and phoned her back, following which the girl told her she was tired of being harassed about her schoolwork and planned to go to the police station to file a complaint against her parents. According to him, the mom then took her daughter to a police station, where officers counselled both of them.

On July 30, the woman chastised the girl once more over her academics. The lady allegedly threatened the daughter with a knife during their quarrel, according to the official. Fearing that her mother would kill her, the girl shoved her, causing the woman to fall and damage her head from the corner of a cot.

The woman, who was semi-conscious, attempted to grab a karate belt that was lying nearby. When she saw this, the girl seized the belt and allegedly strangled her mother to death with it, according to the official. According to the authorities, the youngster later sent a WhatsApp message to her father and uncle from her mother’s phone, saying “I tried everything, I quit.”

She then went outside and locked the door. She called her father and informed him that her mother was refusing to open the door. Her father told her uncle, who arrived at their home. According to the official, he smashed open the door and discovered the woman dead on the bed with the karate belt around her neck.

The police were sceptical of the girl’s storey, he said, adding that they sent the body for a postmortem, which confirmed that the woman died as a result of a head injury and strangling. During the interrogation of family members, authorities suspected the girl of being involved in the incident, he claimed.

“We took her into confidence, and she told what transpired (the sequence of events),” stated the officer. He said the adolescent was arrested on Monday and a case was filed under Indian Penal Code Section 302 (murder).

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