Malaika Arora’s Birthday Special: How the Bollywood Diva Is Breaking Stereotypes

Malaika Arora, one of Bollywood’s fittest and most gorgeous stars, will be 48 years old shortly. The diva has turned heads numerous times owing to her appearance in flicks, red carpets, and gym sessions. She has, nevertheless, made a name for herself by defying various prejudices, including age and attractiveness norms. She is well-known in Bollywood not just as a dancer, but also as a doting mother to son Arhaan Khan, an actress, model, businesswoman, VJ, TV presenter, and more.

On the occasion of her birthday here are the five ways the actress is setting new benchmarks:

Malaika Arora is well-known for her self-assurance, elegance, grace, and positive attitude, among other qualities. She also emphasizes that age is simply a number. She looks as fit as she did when she was younger, even at the age of 48. The stunning actress is maturing like great wine and continues to astound audiences.
When it comes to beauty standards, the diva has made her feelings known for many years. She does not conform to societal norms. Years ago, she made a daring step by sharing a shot from a photo shoot before it was retouched. The behind-the-scenes photo shows her standing in a provocative mesh bodysuit with visible armpit hair. The tweet was made at a time when women’s body hair was not widely recognized, and the actress hoped to raise awareness.

Malaika, in addition to being an artist and a mother, has also worked as a businesswoman. She is now focusing on production after running a business in style and fitness. She recently started to ETimes, “Finally, it’s moving forward, and I’m going to co-produce a couple of episodes. I hope everything goes well. A substantial amount of work is already in the works. The concept has begun to take shape over the previous two years, and I am excited to take some of my early work to the next level. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people on this. Talks are ongoing, and all of this is on the horizon.”

Malaika Arora’s personal relationships have always gotten a lot of attention. While divorced celebs and single mothers are still stigmatized, Malaika has demonstrated to the world that she can do it all. After their nearly two-decade-long marriage with Arbaaz Khan ended, the couple has remained friendly and work together as co-parents for their son Arhaan Khan.

While dating after a divorce is not uncommon, it is often frowned upon, especially if you are seeing a younger man. Malika, on the other hand, did not let it dampen her spirits and had found love with Arjun Kapoor. The two took their time formalizing their relationship, but they have been going strong ever since. They aren’t afraid to flaunt their affection or express their gratitude to one another on social media. The couple has since become one of the most popular Bollywood couples.

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