What women wants in sex

What women want is a question men trying to solve, especially when it comes to sex. Understanding what your lady wants is confusing, but it’s not really hard. Studies suggests that women have certain things they care about, when it comes to sex . So, here are a few things that women care about.

Steamy foreplay

Women has strong desire for lengthy foreplay that doesn’t restrict to some basic kissing. Starting with slow kisses and then a passionate kiss, foreplay can get women heavily turned on, ready for some steamy action in between the sheets.

Tips for a virgin woman before having sex for the first-time

Make it rough

Not every woman want it gentle. Many women prefer rough action over vanilla sex. blindfolding or even a few BDSM tricks women will definitely love it when you handle her rough in bed. But, it can be difficult to assume such, so asking for permission for such action is a must.


“You look pretty” is something all women want to hear and “you’re amazing in bed” is what women loves to hear. Compliment her style, body and ways of sex will make her confident, bold and sexy.

Pick her up

Slowly strip her clothes and pick her up in a manly style, it will make her crazy with lust. Carrying her to the bedroom like this will pave way for steamy session in bed.

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