Kalanidhi Maran Gifts Porsche Car and Check to Anirudh Following Rajinikanth and Nelson

The movie “Jailer,” starring Rajinikanth, continues to draw large audiences, with reports suggesting that it entered the 600-crore club after its release last month. The film’s lead actor and director were previously rewarded with luxury cars and financial rewards by Sun Pictures, the film’s producer.

Sun Pictures has now extended the gesture by presenting a luxury car to the film’s music director. Anirudh, the music director, has received the same Porsche Macan that was gifted to Nelson, the film’s director. Sun Pictures posted images of the gift presentation on their Twitter page, highlighting Anirudh’s significant contribution to the film’s success.

Kalanidhi Maran, the chairman of Sun Pictures, had previously expressed his appreciation by gifting a lavish BMW X7 to Rajinikanth for his role in ‘Jailer.’

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