Nipah Virus Precautions in Kozhikode: Educational Closures and Restrictions

In response to the Nipah virus outbreak in Kozhikode district, various precautionary measures have been implemented. Educational institutions, including schools, colleges, anganwadis, and madrassas, will remain closed for two days. However, online classes will continue during this period, and university exams will proceed as scheduled.

The government is working diligently to manage the situation, and officials emphasize that there is no need to panic. To further control the virus’s spread, public gatherings in the district will be restricted for the next ten days.

Religious events, including temple festivals, will proceed with limited attendance, while weddings and receptions will require prior approval from local police stations and must adhere to safety protocols. Cultural and sports activities are also being rescheduled.

Stringent action will be taken against individuals spreading false information about the Nipah virus. Additionally, public meetings and events in the district are being rescheduled to prevent further transmission of the virus.

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