PM Modi Tops Global Leader Approval Ratings Following G20 Success

Following his diplomatic achievements at the G20 summit in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to hold the top position as the most popular global leader, according to the latest Morning Consult survey. The survey, known as the ‘Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker,’ has consistently ranked Modi as the world’s most popular leader. In this ranking, 76 percent of respondents expressed their support for Modi, while 18 percent disapproved of the Indian leader.

Home Minister Amit Shah regarded this as a testament to the success of Modi’s foreign policy approach. The survey assessed the approval ratings of 22 world leaders, with Modi emerging as the clear leader in terms of popularity.

Top Ten Leaders in the Survey:

  1. Narendra Modi (India) – 76%
  2. Alain Berset (Switzerland) – 64%
  3. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico) – 61%
  4. Lula da Silva (Brazil) – 49%
  5. Anthony Albanese (Australia) – 48%
  6. Giorgia Meloni (Italy) – 42%
  7. Joe Biden (US) – 40%
  8. Pedro Sanchez (Spain) – 39%
  9. Leo Varadkar (Ireland) – 38%
  10. Justin Trudeau (Canada) – 37%

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