WhatsApp Introduces Secret Code Feature for Enhanced Chat Privacy on iOS and Android

WhatsApp is enhancing its privacy features with the rollout of the Secret Code feature for locked chats, extending the functionality of the previously introduced Chat Lock feature. This new capability allows users to safeguard sensitive conversations by hiding them behind a secret code. The move provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that locked chats remain concealed in the main chat list, adding a level of discretion when sharing a phone or in the event of unauthorized access. Users can opt to protect their chats with their phone’s PIN, passcode, facial recognition, or fingerprint, offering diverse security options.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the expansion of the Chat Lock feature with the introduction of the Secret Code during a recent update. Once a chat is locked behind a secret code, it remains invisible in the main chat window, requiring the entry of the designated secret code for access. The feature is designed to heighten the security measures on the messaging platform, particularly for users who prioritize confidentiality. The process involves setting a secret code, with the only method to reveal locked chats being the entry of the same code in the search bar within the app. WhatsApp plans to make this feature available globally in the coming months, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to user privacy and security.

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