WhatsApp Beta for iOS Testing Enhanced Screen Sharing with Music Audio in Video Calls

In an effort to enhance the user experience during video calls, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that allows users to share music audio while screen-sharing. The discovery was made in the beta version for iOS, accessible through the TestFlight app. This feature, once implemented, will enable users to listen to music or video audio together during a screen-sharing session, potentially making virtual presentations and meetings more engaging. However, it’s essential to note that the feature is still in development, and its availability for beta users is pending. Additionally, the functionality won’t apply to voice calls or video calls with disabled video.

WhatsApp has been steadily introducing features to stay competitive in the video communication space, such as the ability to share screens during video calls, a function introduced earlier this year. These updates aim to make WhatsApp a more versatile platform for both personal and professional communication needs.

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